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  • Lu Xun

    Tienchi Martin-Liao writes about how the concept of “servitude,” or nuxing, has impacted Chinese and Indian literature and culture throughout history. She then discusses China’s current servitude to wealth and its recent offer to modernize India.


  • Alfonso Fanjul
    Free Enterprise Without Freedom

    “Amassing a profit from the humiliation of others is a feudal approach. Is that what post-revolutionary capitalism in Cuba will turn out to be?” Author Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on exiled Cuban tycoon Alfonso Fanjul and other foreign entrepreneurs now open to investing in Cuba.


  • Chavez cutout
    Notes on Venezuela

    In this week’s column, Israel Centeno takes a look at the political myth-making behind “Chavismo”, which he describes as “a religious movement,” fifteen years in the making, used by the government to veil the country’s deepening economic and social crisis.