Writing Towards Complexity: A Conversation with José Olivarez

  This series — Latinx & Proud! — is a look into the world of Latinx literature and the poets who use language to explore the boundaries of their communities and identities. By sharing these interviews and articles, we hope […]


Writer’s Block: Cornelius Eady

In this Writer’s Block, recorded and taped in the summer of 2019, Cornelius Eady discusses his creative influences, his writing process, and how Cave Canem has evolved over the years.  Interview by Rosa Williamson-Rea and Maggie […]


Performer Spotlight: Juno Elio Avillez do Nascimento

When Juno Elio Avillez do Nascimento performs his poetry, there’s a surprising juxtaposition of wisdom and youth. His words emerge mature in nature and spoken with experience, and yet he’s a teenager bursting with both exuberance […]


Writer’s Block: Ruth Ellen Kocher

In this Writer’s Block, recorded and taped in the summer of 2019, Ruth Ellen Kocher discusses her driving force, her writing process, and the influence that Cave Canem has had on her life.  Interview by Rosa […]


Intricacy & Inertia: An Interview with Margaret Ross

Last fall, Margaret Ross took a break from rehearsing for City of Asylum’s annual Jazz Poetry Festival to chat with Sampsonia Way about time, the craft of writing, and the world around us. A Jones Lecturer […]



  • Tugging & Pulling: An Interview With Melissa Lozada-Oliva

    “We are trying our best to bring forth every strand of Latinidad and also be able to put the idea of “Latinidad” under a microscope and criticize it and dig up its dirt and try to shut down anti-blackness. We’re starting to come to terms with the fact that Latinx isn’t a race, even if it is a marginalized group heavily targeted by the president. Everything is constantly redefining itself and it’s nice to be a part of the cycle.”