All the Way Live: Poetry by Terrance Hayes

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In his fourth collection, for which he won the 2010 National Book Award in poetry, Terrance Hayes investigates how we construct experience. With one foot firmly grounded in the everyday and the other hovering in the air, his poems braid dream and reality into a poetry that is spiritually dense yet buoyant and musical. Cultural icons as diverse as Fela Kuti, Harriet Tubman, and Wallace Stevens appear inside meditations on desire and history. Hayes also tests the line between story and song in a series of stunning poems inspired by the Pecha Kucha, a Japanese presentation format. This innovative collection presents a light-headed mind trying to pull against gravity and time. Fueled by an imagination that enlightens, delights, and ignites, Lighthead leaves us illuminated and scorched.

“All the Way Live,” from LIGHTHEAD by Terrance Hayes, copyright (c) 2010 by Terrance Hayes. Used by permission of Penguin, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

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