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  • March 16, 2020

    by Debbie Wilkinson

    “Will you tuck me in?”

    Years ago picking through stones
    worn down in the nestling sand,
    I showed you how to slip them smooth across the rustling water,
    while waves shimmered into sleep. …


  • Burning Path

    by Richard Schnap

    “The train from Pittsburgh to New York/ Felt like a magic voyage to him then/ As he watched the green pastures of Pennsylvania/ Pass by with their fields of wheat/ And herds of cows that dozed in the sun”


  • Not Allowed To

    by Brian Richards

    “But this is a sideglance world and to the lowering eyes/ Of even my friends I have grown tall but dangerous/ Childless and dark dark dark darkling of intention/ With who knows what lessons to share”