Slide Show: Cuban Political Cartoonist Alfredo Pong

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Political cartoonist Alfredo Pong

Alfredo Pong escaped Cuba for Vancouver, Canada in 1991, where he began to draw his first political cartoons.

By 1994 he had been hired by the newspaper El Nuevo Herald in Miami, where he continued cartooning for several years. Then in 1998 he connected with the online publication La Nueva Cuba.

These days his work is published on websites in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Spain, Sweden, and Venezuela, and his personal blog can be accessed at

Reporters Without Borders has deemed Cuba “one of the world’s 10 most repressive countries, as regards online free expression.” Pong, who has admitted that he suffers an incurable case of “Castrophobia,” is among many exiled journalists who continue to fight for a free Cuba.

Read an interview with Alfredo Pong and other persecuted cartoonists in Sampsonia Way.

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