Join the Conversation: Why Do Some Governments Fear Creative Poems?

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Each week we invite you to join the conversation on one of our past articles, blog posts, interviews, excerpts, and more. This week we are pulling from a debate related to one of our lastest articles, Strange Attractors.

This piece highlights the merger between City of Asylum and Iowa University’s International Writers Program. This discussion feature poets like Miloš Djurdjević, Meena Kandasamy, and Soheil Najm.

This conversation between City of Asylum and the writers and poets of the International Writers program highlighted how governments react to creative poetry and creative writing in their countries.

Some countries react negatively to creative poems and other forms of free expression, while other countries allow this expression “without filters”. Watching writers from all over the world talk about their written works and opinions on freedom of expression helps give further insight into this complicated discussion.

What about poetry makes it a volatile form of expression in some countries?

Why do you think certain governments fear poets?

Is there any validity to the fear of poetry’s power?

Share your thoughts below.

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