Heartbeat Line

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by Kayla Sargeson

White car/no “Lyft” sticker.
He bops his head to his friend’s mixtape,
some wannabe Lil Pump shit.

Do you want a donut? he says.
Hands me a yellow store bag,
cold maple donuts in a plastic container/
white paper towels—folded up.

The donut is stale,
but I eat like I haven’t eaten in days.
Today’s first kindness—
I believe hope is this semi-crunchy pastry
that’s been driving around
in the car for a week, in and out of the fridge.

Into the tunnels, through Uptown, past
the Uptown Mini Mart,
Ryan’s Auto Glass.
Just before 10 am/nobody’s lined up at the soup kitchen yet.
I think of Rayshawn who likes a girl—
     she kinda looks like Paul Walker’s girlfriend in Fast and the Furious,
     but a little thicker
—so much he’s gonna ask his barber to shave a heartbeat line in his hair.
She’s a nurse. It’ll impress her.
Demont’s smile when he got an “A” on a paper,
first time all year,
will get me through the week.

Jason’s got dark skin, mole under an eye,
is wearing an olive hoodie, mustard-yellow
beanie/changes the song/raps along.
His fat hands fed me breakfast
with something like love.

Kayla Sargeson
is the author of the full-length collection First Red (Main Street Rag, 2016) and the chapbooks BLAZE (Main Street Rag, 2015) and Mini Love Gun (Main Street Rag, 2013). With Lisa Alexander, she co-curates the Laser Cat reading series.


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