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On Pollinate (Garden Boy), a painting by Devan Shimoyama
by Lily Weatherford-Brown

Hear Garden Boy here.
Tears clatter in cacophony,
and funnel to a pool of blue zircon.

Buds shoot from his stomach.
A daisy stems in Garden Boy’s navel.
Palms pressed to brow socket,
eyes bleed through hands.

The loud puddle beneath him rises,
the sun catches the shine of his face.

A line of men march to Garden Boy.
Marble faces, fists, pump as organs do,
until his skin is bruised bismuth.

The glitter pool at his feet drained.
Men cork the jewels of his eyes,
and silence hits heavy as fog.
The air begs for crystal noise.

They clip back his blooms.
The daisy wilts at his navel.

Without the daisy to fill,
the bouncing sun burns his flesh.
They’ve left him unrecognizable.

Garden Boy is left with only dirt—
sweet and dark and fertile as honey—
and with what remains of his thumbs,
he plants another daisy in his chest.

Garden boy prays for sunlight and rain
and enough of himself to hold it.

Garden boy picks himself up again and
again in scoops and handfuls, loose silt
draining through his fingers. Pure light.

Lily Weatherford-Brown is a 17-year-old North Side resident of Pittsburgh. She enjoys her dog, coffee, and Natasha Trethewey’s anthology Monument.



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