Slideshow: Iraqi Cartoonist Saad Murtadha

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Saad Murtadha is a freelance cartoonist living in Iraq. Saad’s work often concerns war, children’s rights, and the Iraq that emerged in the wake of the US occupation. Saad learned to draw simply by observing; he has no formal training. Most of his cartoons are available on Cartoon Movement. His work is highly democratic: he wants his cartoons to be easily understandable to everyone, regardless of background, language, or education.

Corruption is rampant for Iraqi cartoonists. Many are affiliated with political parties, and are required to draw whatever their supervisors want. Working as a freelancer gives Mr. Murtadha the luxury to express his opinions without fear of losing his job.

Read an interview Sampsonia Way conducted with Mr. Murtadha.
View more of Mr. Murtada’s work on Cartoon Movement.

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