Lizabel Mónica

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Lizabel Mónica portrait

Lizabel Mónica (La Habana, 1981)

Fiction writer, poet, art critics and editor.

She holds a B.S. in History. She is the coordinator of the international multifaceted project of art, writing and thinking, DESLIZ, as well as the DESLIZ digital magazine. She is probably one of the Cubans who have edited the largest number of blogs, such as CUBA FAKE NEWS, PALADEO IN DELEITE, REVISTA DESLIZ, BROKEN SPANGLISH, LIZABEL MÓNICA, and LA TAZA DE CAFÉ.

Nowadays, Lizabel Mónica is studying for a PhD at Princeton University. This young author is definitely a rara avis whose experimental concepts alternate with narrative texts of high precision and transparency, where a certain pervert urge of her characters is always the result of corporal repression in human behavior.

Interview by Antonio Rodiles for the independent Cuban project Estado de Sats:

Interview by Claudia Cadelo:

“One thing we do understand is that our country needs that individuals regain authority over their own lives, not under an ideology or a certain respectable professional career, but simply on behalf of their own interests, whatever they may be. Cuba lacks a civil society, and the internet is one of the best tools to help to create one, but it´s still prohibited except for some government officials, and thus access from the Island is very expensive.” Read more.

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