Jorge Alberto Aguiar Díaz (JAAD)

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Jorge Alberto Aguiar Diaz

Jorge Alberto Aguiar Diaz (b. La Habana, 1966). Fiction Writer.

Fiction writer, poet, literary instructor.

In 2002 he published his short story collection Adiós a las Almas with Letras Cubanas editorial house in Havana, Cuba. His opinion columns appear in Cubanet. He is the webmaster of the blogs Fogonero Emergente and Cuarto de Máquinas/Compasión por Cuba. He was the chief editor of the independent literary and opinion digital magazine Cacharro(s).

He is residing temporarily in Spain, as a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

JAAD is the true pioneer of dirty realism in Cuba, with stories of great anthropological impact, although infinitely less known than the writings of Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, for example. The beauty of his characters lies in their stoic desolation. The spell of his limited situations and ruined scenarios stems from the notion that hope never really dies within our soul, even when we as humans might fail again and again.

Graphy of the Dead, by JAAD about JAAD:

Writing should be for me a rebellion against my own conformism and hypocrisy. To be a dog. No to believing in “literature.” No to denying others when I affirm myself. To be anti-dialectical. No to living in resentment. Neither gangrenous memory nor predictions as in a fair. To make the tea and then leave. JAAD, which does not exist, returning.

In any language, incorrectness is seen as dirty. Purist loathing: Drool, blood, death as the eschatological. Thought loathing. To leave this world, dedicating oneself to others, to discipline the mind with concentration and virtue: We see it as madness. Mankind loathing.

The higher the syntax order, the greater the repression. The obsession with hygiene and the false hope of a beautiful future turn us into animals. It is intolerable to see on the other, by the nobility of their actions, our own moral misery.

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