Osdany Morales

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Osdany Morales by Fer Figheras

Osdany Morales (Nueva Paz, 1981). Photo: Fer Figheras.

He has published the short story collections Minuciosas puertas estrechas (Unión, 2007) and Papyrus (Letras Cubanas 2011 and Sudaquia, New York, 2012)

His texts have been included in several short-story anthologies of new Cuban literature, such as Maneras de narrar (Unión, 2006), Los que cuentan (Caja China, 2008), La fiamma in boca (Voland, Italia, 2009), as well as in a number of magazines such as El Cuentero (Cuba), El perro (Mexico), Quimera (Spain) and Ragazine.cc (USA).

He currently resides in Brooklyn and, thanks to a fellowship awarded by Banco Santander, he received an MFA in Creative Writing at New York University, where he is now a PhD candidate in Latin American Literature.

Osdany Morales is one of the young Cuban writers that, through his many provocative intertextual connections, demonstrates a natural lucidity and playfulness. In his writing he mixes raw materials that, before him, seemed insoluble or unsolvable, and that put into crisis the very essence of what it means to write and what it means to read (if there is any definite difference at all).

His Twitter account is: @osdany

Interview with Osdany Morales by Matías Claro and Francisco Gallegos

(April, 2013)

“Writing is important to me, to begin with, because the ambition of staging an experience that runs in parallel to my life replaces my life or makes living more intense. When one perceives a space from which he can connect with others, while still being alone, I think we have found something really worthwhile. I am interested in a literature that dialogues with other literatures, as if it were about to be incorporated into a larger story; but I am perturbed more by literature that behaves as a device for reading, as a waiting half of an incomplete dialogue. Only within writing can one fulfill that elusive desire of dreaming while having consciousness of the dream.”

Read Jumping into an Empty Pool by Osdany Morales

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