Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

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Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Fiction writer and photographer, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo (b. La Habana, 1971).

He holds a B.S. in Biochemistry.

He has edited the cultural magazine Extramuros, as well as several independent Cuban digital magazines: Cacharro(s), The Revolution Evening Post and Voces.

He is the webmaster of the opinion blog Lunes De Post-Revolución and the photoblog Boring Home Utopics.

He lives in Havana, residing temporarily in USA. From Pittsburgh he has compiled this exclusive dossier on new Cuban narratives for Sampsonia Way Magazine.

Interview with Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo by Yanira Angulo-Cano

In the absence of events (or the enthusiasm to narrate them), I have language as a last hope of salvation (or damnation). Given the precariousness of our historical memory, my grammatical imagination serves as a plasticine to give form to the formless (and infamous) nature of our context: Retrieve the irretrievable, express the inexpressible, think the impossible.

For this operation I reach out for anything at hand: Apocryphal biographies and neighborhood confessions, candor and crime, implausibility and violence, cynicism and feelings, love and bombast. It´s an experimental exercise taken to its limits: Boredom and adventure, fiesta and fiasco, naivety and censorship. It´s always me on every page, but it is also no one being nowhere: I sense a lonely socialipsism in each and every one of my stories. Read More.

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