Slideshow: Exiled Voices of China and Tibet

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On June 8th City of Asylum/Pittsburgh will host Exiled Voices of China, which will bring together some of China’s biggest dissidents: Tienchi Martin-Liao, Chen Guangcheng, Liao Yiwu, Huang Xiang, and Melong Band. Tienchi Martin-Liao is the president of the Independent Chinese PEN Center. Liao Yiwu, who is living in exile in Germany, is the author of The Corpse Walker as well as the recipient of the 2012 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. Chen Guangcheng, a lawyer and civil rights activist, escaped house arrest in April 2012 and took refuge in the U.S. embassy in Beijing and was granted a U.S. visa the following month. Huang Xiang, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s first writer-in-residence, is a renown poet, performer, and calligrapher. Melong Band is the only Tibetan rock band in the United States.

In preparation for Exiled Voices of China, Sampsonia Way wants to provide readers with the opportunity to learn more about City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s guests. The slideshow above is comprised of quotes, lyrics, and poetry taken from interviews and excerpts available online. Click on the caption to go to the original article.

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