Freedom of Speech Roundup

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In the weekly Freedom of Speech Roundup, Sampsonia Way presents some of the week’s top news on freedom of expression, journalists in danger, artists in exile, and banned literature.


99 of the 100 most banned books for the years 1990-2000. Photo: East Branch of the Dayton Metro Library

Celebrating the Right to Read: 30 years of Banned Books

90.5 WESA. In this interview Bruce Boni, chair of the Pittsburgh banned books event, talks about the legacy of Judith Krug, the founder of National Banned Books week, and highlights Pittsburgh’s past and present banned books performances. Listen Here

Burma: Journalists off Blacklists but Still Can’t get Visas

The Irrawaddy. Despite recently declaring an official state of “press freedom” journalists who are no longer officially banned from entering Burma are still not able to get visas to enter the country. Read Here

Philippines: Anti Cyber-crime Law Threatens Media Freedom

Global Voices. A last-minute addition to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012—signed on September 12 by President Benigno Aquino—makes libel a cybercrime. Some say the addition is a threat to free speech for media and the general public. Read Here

Three Somali Journalists Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack

The Committee to Protect Journalists. According to local journalists, the blast killed Abdirahman Yasin Ali, director of Radio Hamar (“Voice of Democracy”); Abdisatar Daher Sabriye, head of news for Radio Mogadishu; and Liban Ali Nur, head of news for Somali National TV. Read Here

Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Spark Debate over Free Speech and Islamophobia

The Washington Post. Days after an American anti-Islam YouTube video set off deadly riots around the world, a French newspaper has stoked the outrage by releasing a set of cartoons that insult the prophet Muhammad. Internet users weigh in on the appropriateness of the cartoons. Read Here

Held Dear in U.S., Free Speech Perplexing Abroad

NPR, All Things Considered. Noah Feldman, professor of international law at Harvard Law School, talks about what constitutes protected speech in the U.S., and how those views are understood — and misunderstood — around the world. Listen Here

Conservatives, Democrats and the Convenience of Denouncing Free Speech

The Guardian. “The anti-US protests sweeping the Muslim world have presented a perfect challenge to test the free speech convictions of both the American right and the Democratic party version of the left. Neither is faring particularly well.” Read Here

Cambodia: Environmental Journalist Murdered

New York Times Blog. “A Cambodian journalist who exposed rampant illegal logging has been found murdered in the boot of his car, police said Wednesday, in a country where environmental activists often face violent retribution.” Read Here

CPJ Press Freedom Awards: Honoring Tenacity and Courage

The Committee to Protect Journalists. CPJ has presented four journalists–Mauri König (Brazil), Dhondup Wangchen (China), Azimjon Askarov (Kyrgyzstan), and Mae Azango (Liberia)–with the annual Press Freedom award for their courageous reporting on abuses of power and human rights violations in their countries. Read Here

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