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  • Li Jianhong and Duoduo
    Break the Besieged Fortress

    For Chinese activists government restrictions on their rights to move and travel are clear: once you’re in, you can’t get out, and once you’re out you can’t get in. Tienchi Martin-Liao highlights the cases of Li Jianhong and others who have tried to break through the “besieged fortress”.


  • Xu Zhiyong and Hu Jia Supporters
    Offshore Leaks Trigger Wave of Fear

    A new International Consortium of Investigative Journalists report lists over 21,000 people in China and Hong Kong – among them military and political leaders – with secret offshore holdings. Did China imprison activists and dissidents writers to divert attention from the corruption scandal?


  • Xiao Shu
    Xiao Shu: Thoughts On My Online Annihilation

    “These past few years I’ve been driven into exile, hunted down and attacked from all sides.” The veteran Chinese journalist and former Southern Weekly commentator Xiao Shu, an important figure in the New Citizens Movement, speaks out on being silenced from China’s internet.