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  • The Tibetan singer Gembey
    Tibet/China: Artists have to tread an incredibly fine line

    “The censorship of music within both Tibet and China has been known to reach absurd heights.” In this article originally published by Free Muse on July 9, author Dechen Pemba highlights the dangers surrounding cultural expression as well as the beauty of the work created by musicians in Tibet.


  • Saya U Win Pe
    U Win Pe: A Versatile Man

    U Win Pe, artist, writer, director, and cartoonist is profiled in this week’s Teahouse by Khet Mar. Throughout his career, U Win Pe has drawn the connection between art, writing and freedom of expression. He plans to return to Burma after 18 years of exile.


  • San San Tin: No Time for Dreams

    In this weeks Tea House writer Khet Mar profiles Burmese journalist and writer San San Tin. In exile for over a decade, San San Tin is the author of No Time for Dreams, a personal account of the four decades leading up to the Saffron Revolution.