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  • Moniro Ravanipour
    Readings at City of Asylum: Q&A with Moniro Ravanipour

    On March 7, 2014, Moniro Ravanipour read from her work-in-progress and subsequently answered questions posed by audience members at the City of Asylum. In this Q&A on Sampsonia Way, Moniro explains her writing style, the journey to America, her thoughts on the “sound” of English vs. Farsi, and she divulges her secret to publishing in Iran.


  • Reimagining Ireland, an Interview with Dermot Bolger

    In this interview Raymund Ryan and Irish writer Dermot Bolger take us through the many phases of Dublin—through architecture, literature, politics, and history. Bolger tells the story of his youth in Ireland founding Raven Arts Press, his experiences with Irish censorship, and how in the 80s an eyesore became a haven for the arts.