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  • Freedom of Speech, or Freedom of Hate?

    What effect does Pamela Geller’s continuous slander of Muslims really have on public opinion at large? Does the public dismiss her ads as more propaganda for a distant war, or do they have the power to actually turn people against Muslims and deny them their humanity?


  • Cartoon: Egypt Warming to Russia

    Today’s cartoon from Ramzy Taweel (Palestine) takes a look at the recent visit to Egypt by Russia’s defense and foreign ministers, which is seen as an attempt by both countries to assert themselves amid a Middle East power vacuum.


  • Cartoon by Mohammad Saba’aneh
    Cartoon: Writer’s Block

    Today we launch our new Cartoons section with a piece from Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh. The Cartoons section features cartoonists from around the world whose work offers unique political and social commentary, as well as sharp wit.