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  • Volski's newest album, "Hramadaznaustva", which means "Social Studies".
    Belarus: Outspoken Musicians Endangered

    In Belarus, musicians fall into two camps under the Lukashenka regime – political or unpolitical. Belarusian musician Lavon Volski belongs to the former and is ardently fighting for the freedom of expression in his country.


  • New Voyager Video
    New Voyager! Yes, We Can

    Does a new viral YouTube video signal big changes in Iran? Entitled “New Voyager,” the music video, which has strong similarities with the Obama campaign’s “Yes We Can” video, is largely based on president Hassan Rouhani speeches, shows women singing, and portrays Iran’s diverse society.


  • Selman Ada
    Selman Ada’s Operas

    A musical genius, Selman Ada’s operas and other works display an incredible spectrum of creativity. In his column, Tarik Günersel writes about the renowned Turkish composer, conductor, pianist, and collaborator; and highlights four of the operas they’ve created together.