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  • The Village Indian
    The Village Indian by Abbas Khider

    The Village Indian tells author Abbas Khider’s own story of exile. With elements of both tragedy and comedy, the following excerpt – Chapter 6: The Miracles – details the many “miracles” that allow Khider’s fictional protagonist, Rasul Hamid, to flee from Iraq to Germany.


  • Artwork by Luis Trápaga
    A Message for Grethel by Ahmel Echevarría Peré

    Writer, photographer, and editor, Ahmel Echevarría Peré is the author of the novels Pastel Para Pitbulls, La Noria, and Búfalos Camino al Matadero. His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies. He is a regular contributor to independent Cuban affairs online magazines.


  • Luis Trapaga drawing
    The Same Eyes by Lizabel Mónica

    Lizabel Mónica is a writer whose experimental concepts alternate with narrative texts of high precision and transparency, where a certain pervert urge of her characters is always the result of corporal repression in human behavior. She is a writer of fiction, editor and art critic.