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  • The Conspiracy
    The Conspiracy by Israel Centeno

    Described as “a rare voice from Venezuela” and “one of the great undiscovered literary experiences”, Israel Centeno’s newly translated book The Conspiracy is a perfect summer read. Enjoy an excerpt from this novel today.


  • Vuelvan Caras!
    The Coup

    Fiction and reality blur on a crumbling internet. “S was lost in his fury. He realized that his old friends, with whom he had shared revolutionary ambitions and hopes in these online communities, had passed into exile, outside the realm of Java, Twitter, and Facebook.”


  • Torre David, Caracas, Venezuela
    David Versus Venice

    In this week’s column, Venezuelan author Israel Centeno issues a sharp critique to the Venice Biennale – and, by extension, the European left – for awarding the Golden Lion prize to the Tower of David, a 45-story “shantytown” project in Caracas, Venezuela.