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  • Tunisian Poetry: Ali Znaidi

    Sampsonia Way is pleased to share five previously unpublished poems by Tunisian poet Ali Znaidi, including “More More More,” “The Sweet Water of Dream,” “Rebirth”, “The Beauty of Tunisian Women,” and “O, Wind!”


  • Cartoon: Metamorphosis

    RCD – Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali‘s political party – was dissolved in 2011 after the revolution. Here is Tunisian political cartoonist Tawfiq Omrane’s take on the RCD’s transformation and “comeback”.


  • Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela
    Mandela and the Cuban Apartheid

    “The situation in Cuba,” writes Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, “is identical to that of apartheid South Africa.” In his column, the Cuban writer looks at Nelson Mandela’s relationship with Fidel Castro in spite of the Cuba’s human rights violations and undemocratic political system.