Love Song to Pixelated Foxes

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by Ellen McGrath Smith

@hourlyFox shows up in-between outrageous news.
In one, two kits faux-fighting; in another, one is caught
by the camera in a searching and fearless moral inventory
out in the middle of a well-mown field. I have leased
out my soul to these animals, no strings attached save
their promise to keep being foxes, living on the fringe
of the mess we’ve made, scoring petty carnage to fill
out their streamlined bodies, staring clear-eyed into night.
Sure, I’ve watched the YouTube videos of eccentric Britons
with pet foxes—the best buddy movies of all, IMHO,
but I prefer these freeze-frames of them in the quasi-wild,
insouciant beyond survival, russet streaks against green.
Wherever they’re about to go next I can’t go, though
it’s comforting to be with them for an hour or so.


Ellen McGrath Smith teaches at the University of Pittsburgh. Her poetry has appeared in The New York Times, The American Poetry Review, Talking Writing, Los Angeles Review, and other journals and anthologies. Smith’s books include Scatter, Feed (Seven Kitchens 2014) and Nobody’s Jackknife (West End Press 2015).


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