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  • Requiem 21

    by Lindsay Surmacz

    “Your strength is what made you The Great One./ Not the might that scarred the sky three thousand times,/ but the will that forged broomsticks and soup cans/ into silver scepters and golden gloves.”


  • Apricot Jam

    by Erin Hyatt

    Here, it is always 1985.
    There is spoiled chicken
    salad on the patio furniture;
    there are apricots
    rotting on the ground.
    I sink my teeth into July,
    and boil orange fruit to the bone
    on a gasoline fire that stinks
    like rust. Just down the road,
    an old tractor hums back to life.


  • Heartbeat Line

    by Kayla Sargeson White car/no “Lyft” sticker. He bops his head to his friend’s mixtape, some wannabe Lil Pump shit. Do you want a donut? he says. Hands me a yellow store bag, cold maple donuts […]


  • Transient Light

    by Christina Springer A night manager accepts the moon’s detritus fills ‘n empties her. In battered women’s West Virginia, my shelter is deep down the hollow’s gaping crack. Past trailers like lice, crab grass, on blocks […]


  • Lost in Winter

    by Gwendolyn A. Mitchell Every once in a while, I get lost in the winter evening just after dusk. I am Downtown waiting for the 82 Lincoln, standing across the street from what should be Gimbels […]