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  • Love Song to Pixelated Foxes

    by Ellen McGrath Smith

    “I have leased out my soul to these animals, no strings attached save their promise to keep being foxes, living on the fringe of the mess we’ve made, scoring petty carnage … ”


  • The Land of Make Believe

    by Michelle Fossum

    “Last night I dreamt That Tom Hanks was my houseguest. His neighborly limbs were/Too long to fit comfortably within our walls,/ Having grown smaller somehow. Is it because of the quarantine,/
    I thought, or was the house always this size?”


  • Crafton-Ingram

    by Lisa Pickett

    “There they go marching down Ingram Avenue dressed as little monsters and witches in the annual Halloween Parade. Prancing back on over to Resurrection Sunday hunting for those Ingram Park golden Easter eggs.”


  • Spice Ain’t White

    by Roosha Mandal

    “Alphabet, alphabet, alphabet soup:/ the clear, viscous drizzle singes my taste buds/ and my tongue yearns for/ clove, cardamom, and a country of colorful saris.”