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  • The Complicated Risk: An Interview with Pedro X. Molina

    If I love Nicaragua, I must criticize Nicaragua — Nicaragua, as a society, as a government —  because I care about it. … No healthy patriotism comes from the notion that the things you love are above critique. Where there is injustice, oppression, flawed systems within your society, country, government, religion, family, we must speak out.


  • Cartoon by Pedro X. Molina
    Cartoon: Crazy Climate

    Today’s cartoon is by Pedro X. Molina (Nicaragua). Sampsonia Way’s Cartoons section features cartoonists from around the world whose work offers unique political and social commentary, as well as sharp wit.


  • Poetry: Walt Whitman by Francisco Aragón

    “Walt Whitman”, a poem by Francisco Aragon, traces its roots back to Nicaraguan poet and essayist Rubén Darío. The poem effectively rests in the space between the three writers (Whitman, Darío, and Aragón), but preserves the souls of each.