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  • Ten Most-Read Columns of 2013

    We look back at the most-read columns of 2013, featuring contributions from Tarik Günersel (Turkey), Bina Shah (Pakistan), Khet Mar (Burma), Israel Centeno (Venezuela), Hamdy el-Gazzar (Egypt), Tienchi Martin-Liao (China), Horacio Castellanos Moya (El Salvador), and Yaghoub Yadali (Iran).


  • Cartoon by Pedro X. Molina
    Cartoon: Crazy Climate

    Today’s cartoon is by Pedro X. Molina (Nicaragua). Sampsonia Way’s Cartoons section features cartoonists from around the world whose work offers unique political and social commentary, as well as sharp wit.


  • Claria Catfish
    Among Fish and Cats (Spanish Text)

    As the growing non-native population of catfish causes “ecological holocaust” in Cuba’s waters, the government advises Cubans to “Eat up!” But many still find catfish unpalatable, with some buying the cheap fish to feed their pets, mainly cats.