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  • Tehran Skyline
    A Briton in Tehran

    Jack Straw, the ex-foreign secretary of Britain, recently visited Iran and what he found surprised him: a modernizing Tehran (despite heavy economic sanctions), an American-educated political administration, and a people ready to reach a lasting agreement with the West.


  • New Voyager Video
    New Voyager! Yes, We Can

    Does a new viral YouTube video signal big changes in Iran? Entitled “New Voyager,” the music video, which has strong similarities with the Obama campaign’s “Yes We Can” video, is largely based on president Hassan Rouhani speeches, shows women singing, and portrays Iran’s diverse society.


  • Burma’s Recent Events

    The 2010 Burmese election, orchestrated by the military junta, has raised international awareness for Burma’s fight for democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi.