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  • The 10 Most Popular Freedom Chats of 2014

    This year, Sampsonia Way introduced The Freedom Chats, a new series that features interviews with journalists and other international media personalities who face censorship and repression in their home countries. Join us in reviewing the most viewed Freedom Chats from 2014.


  • Volski's newest album, "Hramadaznaustva", which means "Social Studies".
    Belarus: Outspoken Musicians Endangered

    In Belarus, musicians fall into two camps under the Lukashenka regime – political or unpolitical. Belarusian musician Lavon Volski belongs to the former and is ardently fighting for the freedom of expression in his country.


  • Belarus Press Photo
    Belarusian publisher has licence withdrawn over ‘extremist’ book

    A collection of photojournalism depicting the everyday lives of Belarusians has led the Belarus Government to withdraw the publishing license of the largest non-state publishing house, Łohvinaŭ. The International Publishers Association is calling on Belarus to revoke the decision and protect the freedom to publish.