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  • Underground Graffiti

    “This art demonstrates the creativity of the young artist(s), risking it all to share the sentiments of their generation in Iran’s closed and heavily controlled environment.” Yaghoub Yadali examines the work of Black Hand, a dissident street artist using graffiti to make a political stance.


  • Ai Weiwei portrait
    An Artist’s Duty: An Interview with Ai Weiwei

    Still denied his passport after nearly three years, Ai Weiwei exists in a strange purgatory. In this interview, the dissident Chinese artist speaks truth to power, as China’s exploitative processes of development demand great responsibility from the nation’s intellectual and artistic currents.


  • Cartoon by Mohammad Saba’aneh
    Cartoon: Writer’s Block

    Today we launch our new Cartoons section with a piece from Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh. The Cartoons section features cartoonists from around the world whose work offers unique political and social commentary, as well as sharp wit.