comfort in ten landscapes

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by anaïs peterson

1. something distinctly american like the ability to repost the same onion article about mass shootings only changing the name of the city in the caption
2. the notable absence of acute danger
a. soft orange evening light and faded blue couch covers
b. mass produced lemon bars over dusted with powdered sugar that are somehow still delicious
c. the moment before i remember the state is waiting for a misstep
3. not a destination, checkpoint, or state of being
4. colonized for “best the present has to offer”
5. an act of self deception
a. i leave the meeting about microaggressions before it ends
6. the easy way out
a. a misguided notion that this is safety
7. crying a white woman’s tears
8. feeling ghosts (two gentle squeezes on my left shoulder)
9. my people
a. barefoot in new hampshire
b. houseplants soaking up december sunlight whispering to me take up space
10. the opposite of bravery
a. we are careful with each other, we hold each other with love you will never ask me if i am comfortable when you expect me to be dangerous


anaïs peterson was born in illinois and moved to pittsburgh six years ago. anaïs is a recent graduate of the university of pittsburgh where they majored in urban studies and english writing. you can find them on social media at @anais_pgh.


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