The Writer’s Block: A Video Q&A with Yaghoub Yadali

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In this edition of The Writer’s Block, Yaghoub Yadali discusses his novel Rituals of Restlessness, newly translated by City of Asylum.

Yaghoub Yadali, a fiction writer from Iran, is City of Asylum’s newest writer-in-residence. He has directed for television and was an editor of Roshd magazine. He is the author of the short story collection Sketches in the Garden (1997) and the novels Adaab-e Bi-Gharari (Rituals of Restlessness), which won the 2004 Golshiri Foundation Award, and Probability of Merriment and Mooning (2001). His short stories, articles, essays, and translations are widely published in Iran, and in Turkey.

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  2. The Writer’s Block is an ongoing video series of interviews with visiting writers at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh. In these Q&A’s, conducted on Sampsonia Way, writers sit down with us to discuss literature, their craft, and career.
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