Video: Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on Cuba’s Generation Zero

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On January 31, 2014 Sampsonia Way officially launched its first book, Generation Zero: An Anthology of New Cuban Fiction, with a salon-style reading at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh.

The Cuban writer, blogger, photographer, and Sampsonia Way columnist Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo introduced the anthology and the writers it features. These writers, who began publishing in the year 2000, comprise part of a movement of dissident Cuban writers known as Generación Año Cero (Generation Year Zero).

In this video Pardo Lazo speaks about how literature is striving to break the limits of expression in Cuba, why Generación Año Cero refuses to be a homogenized group, and how he selected the 16 writers in Generation Zero: An Anthology of New Cuban Fiction.

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