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Cuban Newrrative

New Cuban Flag by El Sexto.

There are many writers currently creating canon-defying literature inside Cuba. With this in mind, we asked our Fearless, Ink. columnist Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo to compile a collection of short stories from writers who, according to his experience growing up and living inside Cuba, are creating new trends for the future of Cuban Literature.

For this anthology Pardo Lazo decided to focus on writers of Generación Año Cero (Generation Year Zero), a movement of writers who began publishing in 2000. He picked 16 short stories from 16 writers and suggested that we illustrate them with work from the Cuban visual artists El Sexto and Luis Trápaga.

Video: Panel sobre Antología Nuevarrativa Cubana (in Spanish)

Leer la antología en español.


by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo was born in Havana City and still resides and resists there, working as a free-lance writer, photographer and blogger. He is the author of Boring Home (2009) and is the editor of the independent opinion and literary e-zine Voces.


Breaking News

by Jorge Enrique Lage

Editor of the magazine El cuentero and the publishing house Caja China of the Onelio Jorge Cardoso Literary Training Center.



by Raúl Flores

He resides in Havana City. A big fan of Anglo music, he is already one of the greatest melomaniacs of the Caribbean island, with a prodigious memory for band names and members, as well as lyrics and biographic details.


Four Cuban Writers Go To Paradise

by Carlos Esquivel

He is a writer living deep in the far-off provinces, but he is not at all a provincial writer. Indeed, he is one of those writers who have opened his prose and poetry to the cosmopolitan, which in Cuba is quite a gesture of controversial politicization.


Hating Summer

by Gleyvis Coro Montanet

This young author is a Cuban dentist, which is obvious from her incisive writings and her influences as a reader.


Sunflower Fields Forever

by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

He holds a BS degree in Biochemistry.

He has edited the cultural magazine Extramuros, as well as several independent Cuban digital magazines: Cacharro(s), The Revolution Evening Post and Voces.


Jumping into an Empty Pool

by Osdany Morales

Author of two collections of short stories, Osdany Morales is one of the young Cuban writers that, through his many provocative intertextual connections, demonstrates a natural lucidity and playfulness. His work has been included in several short-story anthologies of recent Cuban literature.


The Sky Over Havana

by Jorge Alberto Aguiar Díaz (JAAD)

Fiction writer, poet, literary instructor. In 2002 he published in Havana his short-fiction volume Adiós a las Almas in Letras Cubanas editorial house. His opinion columns appear in Cubanet.


Summer Bells

by Jhortensia Espineta Osuna

She has published the book of short-stories Zona de Exorcismo (Ácana, 2006). Her texts have appeared in the Cuban literary magazines Antenas and El Caimán Barbudo.


17 Abstracts of a Notebook’s Entries

by Polina Martínez Shviétsova

Polina Martínez Shviétsova
Polina Martínez Shviétsova’s writing has that fragmentary strength that emanates both from delirium and ingenuity. A fiction writer, poet and freelance journalist, she is the author of two books of poetry, Gotas de Fuego and Tao del Azar, and a short story collection, Hechos con Metallica.



by Abel Fernández Larrea

Abel Fernández Larrea
In his writing, Fernández Larrea seeks to banish any local color of his sceneries and language, in a displacement that ultimately imitates the most common literary translation. Author of a novel, short stories and essays, he is also an editor at the University of Havana publishing house.


Unfinished Business

by Erick Mota

He has published the fiction books: “Bajo Presión” (Gente Nueva, 2008), “Algunos recuerdos que valen la pena” (Abril, 2010), “La Habana Underguater” (Atom Press, 2010) and “Ojos de cesio radiactivo” (Red EDICIONES SL, 2012).


A Burden, For What?

by Michel Encinosa Fú

Michel Encinosa Fu portrait
He holds a BS degree in English Language and Literature. He has published Sol negro (Extramuros, 2001), Niños de neón (Letras Cubanas, 2001), Veredas (Extramuros, 2006), Dioses de neón (Letras Cubanas, 2006), Dopamina, sans amour (Abril, 2008), Enemigo sin voz (Abril, 2008), El Cadillac rojo y la gran mentira (Loynaz, 2009), Casi la verdad (Matanzas, 2009), Todos tenemos un mal día (Loynaz, 2009) and Vivir y morir sin ángeles (Unión, 2009).


Dis Tortue, Dors-Tu Nue?

by Lia Villares

Lia Villares portrait
Lia hasn’t yet published any books. Her writing is herself, her motley room full of incense and music, her diaries half-finished or half-begun.



by Lien Carrazana Lau

Photo of Lien Carrazana Lau
She is the webmaster of and La China Fuera de la Caja. She holds a BS degree in San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy.


The Same Eyes

by Lizabel Mónica

Photo of Lizabel Mónica
She holds a BS in History. She is the coordinator of the international multi-faceted project of art, writing and thinking, DESLIZ, as well as the DESLIZ digital magazine.


A Message for Grethel

by Ahmel Echevarría Peré

Ahmel Echevarría Peré portrait
He holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISPJAE University, Havana. He has published the narrative books Inventario (Unión, 2007), Esquirlas (Letras Cubanas, 2006) and Días de Entrenamiento (FRA, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012).



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