Lien Carrazana Lau

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Lien Carrazana Lau portrait

Lien Carrazana Lau (La Habana, 1980)

Fiction writer, digital editor, painter, graphic designer. She is the webmaster of and La China Fuera de la Caja

She holds a B.S. from the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy. Her stories have been included in anthologies, such as Vida laboral y otros minicuentos (Caja China, 2006), and in the literary magazine El Cuentero. She is a staff member of the opinion, literary, and news website Diario de Cuba. She temporarily resides in Madrid.

Her first narrative volume Faithless was published by Habitación 69, México DF, 2011. Rafael Zamudio has expressed about this book:

“Stories with a cinematographic vision and a rich literary tradition, where eye movements play with words, phrases, memories, the evocation of aroma and sound and all the senses. Stories to read again and again, aloud and in front of a mirror, in absolute nudity. Stories that tell us how to tell a story, always touching the most sensitive strings of the body: both belly and head. Stories that, as a storyteller wondered if anyone can write erotic literature holding the book with both hands, make me wonder now if anyone can read this book holding it with both.”

Lien Carrazana Lau in her own words

“So far I cannot foresee the answers for so many questions. I don´t have answers at all, nor solutions. Neither I believe in the global salvation of anything, nor in that one man could help to fix up the world. But I do understand the silent hysteria that in turn can be created because of closures, and underpinnings, and this collapse that goes beyond the physical. We must notice not only the fact that when a house is closed, it tends to crumble sooner. Metaphorically, that closed house is a sign of defeat, of decadence. When will it open again? Nobody knows. Where could we find again an art that rediscover us, that removes the ground where we stand, that make us rejoice for paying attention to Arts, that it is not boring or a mere commercial justification? Is it asking too much to have a place in time, a space in the minds of those who really can change the world (a little at least)? Is there anyone still able to change the current situation? Some are shocked, others prefer irony, still others choose indifference. The truth is that now we can only wait for the roof to fall down, and look from the other sidewalk how the firefighters collect the debris of our era. Until something new appears, patience is the due word learned by force.” Read more.

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