Gleyvis Coro Montanet

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Poet and fiction writer, Gleyvis Coro Montanet (b. Pinar del Río, 1974).

This young author is a Cuban dentist, which is obvious from her incisive writings and her influences as a reader: Willy Cuppy’s The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody, The War of the End of the World by Mario Vargas Llosa (which she considers the best book in the world), and the film The Reader (2008) by Stephen Daldry (which helped her to understand that nothing and nobody is really evil, and that reading can be a therapy).

In Cuba, she has published these books of poetry: Escribir en la piedra (Loynaz, 2000), Poemas Briosos (Aristas de Cobre, Córdoba, España, 2003), Aguardando al guardabosque (Loynaz, 2006) and Jaulas (Letras Cubanas, 2009). She has also published a volume of short-fiction, Con los pies en las nubes (Vitral, 1998), and the novel: La burbuja (Unión, 2007).

Interview with Gleyvis Coro Montanet by Juan Ramón de la Portilla

“I am seduced by historical and political topics, by people´s conflicts, and by convoking characters more than by lonely ones. My poems and first-person narrative texts almost always respond to an issue with huge social connotations, rather than to a personal, isolated grievance or happiness. You can define me as a woman who is moved by intuition, and in everything I do I bring all my audacity and especially my perspicacity. Thus, there is a lot of ‘healthy malice’ in what I do, a malice full of humor, which tends to confuse and to provoke a little.” Read more.

Read Hating Summer by Gleyvis Coro Montanet

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