Further Reading: Generation Year Zero

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Year 0: The Blessed Meet

Kaos en la red. Writers of Generation Year Zero discuss their conflicting viewpoints. Read more.

Is There a Generation Zero?

Invasor. Some writers and critics have attempted to theorize about this Cuban literary phenomenon of the last decade. In doing so they have omitted some names and added others. Read more.

The Island in Text. A Literary Journey to Havana

Gatopardo. Some of the names of Generation Year Zero have been collected by prestigious Latin American literary magazines. Read more.

Whose Generation?

La China Fuera de la Caja. Some of the writers of Generation Year Zero reflect on the new tendencies of the literary camp on the Island, without generating a discourse of a generational group. Read more.

Generation 0? Guidelines for a Literary Generation That Does Not Exist

Isliada. In January 2012, the young professor and art critic Kevin Fernández criticized some of the alleged rationale of Generation Year Zero. Read more.

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