Eduardo Halfon’s Year

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  1. Halfon in New York and London
  2. Eduardo Halfon / Guatemalan Writer
  3. Words Without Borders, together with Bellevue Literary Press, Pushkin Press, and The British Center for Literary Translation, want to bring Eduardo to New York and London for a series of readings, events, and high school talks to help get The Polish Boxer the audience it deserves. Click here to learn how you can help them.

Eduardo Halfon, born in Guatemala City in 1971, shared with us his short story To Die a Little. His text, published one year ago, is still one of Sampsonia Way’s most-read pieces. Because of his contribution, and our admiration for Halfon’s work, we continually follow his steps.

And that’s why we celebrate that his novel The Polish Boxer will be published in October by Bellevue Literary Press in the United States and by Pushkin Press in the United Kingdom. As Words Without Borders, a big fan of Halfon, says: “this year can be called the year of Eduardo.”

In this video Halfon talks about The Polish Boxer, the story, its characters, and his fears.

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