Weekly Digest: Mesfin Negash, TalkBackTV MidEast, Occupy Writers

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Mesfin Negash

Interview: Exiled Ethiopian Journalist Mesfin Negash
In this interview Mesfin Negash talks about the effect of the anti-terrorism law on Ethiopian journalism, the law’s hand in the exile of Addis Neger’s staff, and denies the validity of the government’s charges against him. Negash also discusses his difficulties living and publishing in exile, and analyzes the Wikileaks cables that exposed his colleague to persecution.

Sri Lanka: Harassment of Journalists Continues
Many journalists in Sri Lanka contend that since the end of the 25 year civil war in 2009, their situation has actually worsened. Print and online publications like The Sunday Leader are threatened or censored regularly, and by 2010 at least half a dozen writers fled the country.

A TalkBackTV user records his rant against the government

Middle East: Webcams Now Weapons of Mass Communication
TalkBackTV MidEast, a new citizen’s website, allows citizens to react to news reports, exchange ideas, question media coverage, and lampoon politicians.

US and European Firms Help Syrian Regime Spy on Citizens
To track and surveil citizens online, repressive regimes in the Middle East and North Africa have relied on Western technology for years. US company BlueCoat has been accused for months of providing the Assads with products for online crackdown. Learn more

Calling All Writers: Occupy the Internet
Hundreds of writers, including Salman Rushdie and Alice Walker, declared their support for the Occupy Wall Street Movement on the website OccupyWriters.com.

Video: Journalist Mona Eltahawy Recounts Beating, Sexual Assault By Egyptian Forces
As Egypt holds vote, Egyptian-American journalist, Mona Eltahawy, recounts her arrest for 12 hours by Egypt’s security forces on November 23 near Tahrir Square, during which time she was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted.

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