The Weekly Digest: Alexandra Petrova, Cybercensorship, Nobel Laureates Banned

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Alexandra Petrova Reads at Jazz/Poetry 2011

Alexandra Petrova Reads at Jazz/Poetry 2011 Photo: © Renee Rosensteel

Alexandra Petrova: “Russia, My Blind Mother”
In this interview poet Alexandra Petrova talks about St. Petersburg as a cosmopolitan city, Russia’s problems with forgotten history, and the out-of-body experience of good translation.

Internet Censorship: New Tactics Surface in 2011
From China to the US, governments around the world are increasingly using new ways to censor the internet and online media journalists. Here’s an overview of significant incidents that have taken place so far this year.

“for you are from everywhere / and nowhere / and you have a home / but it is not there / it was never there for you”
– Hind Shoufani

12 Nobel Laureates in Literature Banned, Censored, or Exiled
In the past 20 years, 12 of the 21 Nobel Literature Prize winners have been imprisoned, exiled from their home country, or written books that were later banned, including Toni Morrison, Gao Xingjian, and last year’s winner, Mario Vargas Llosa. Find out who else is on this censorship list and read some samples of their work.

Poetry: “Pick Me Up”
Palestinain writer Hind Shoufani – a poet who doesn’t call herself one – came to Pittsburgh earlier this year to read at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s annual Jazz Poetry concert where she read “Pick me Up”, a poem dedicated to Palestine, “who defies geography.”

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