Slide Show: Burmese Political Cartoonist Aw Pi Kyeh

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Aw Pi Kyeh (APK) chose this pen name because it means ‘loudspeaker’ in Burmese. His cartoons dare to shout out loud about the military junta that rules Burma.

Photo courtesy of Aw Pi Kyeh

In 2007 he was banned from publishing inside Burma after he supported monks in their peaceful protests during the Saffron Revolution. Following that, colleagues who even mentioned his name in an article were suppressed.
In June 2011, the Burmese site, compiled the views of several well-known Burmese on the fighting between the national troops and the Kachin Independence Army, after both sides suffered heavy casualties. Aw Pi Kyeh commented, “The president said they would try to be a good government. What does good government mean? Is fighting good?”

After 30 years of cartooning, Aw Pi Kyeh says he will not quit. He continues to illustrate despite the ban on his work, and he has turned to new channels of distribution such as Facebook.

Read an interview with Aw Pi Kyeh and other persecuted cartoonists in Sampsonia Way.

Copyright 2011 Aw Pi Kyeh (all rights reserved)

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