Mugabe Must Go!: Poems by Tendai Frank Tagarira

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Tendai Frank Tagarira is a 27 year-old Zimbabwe-born author currently living in exile in Aarhus, Denmark. A staunch critic of president Robert Mugabe, Tagarira has written extensively on the turmoil and corruption in his home country.

His 2010 book Mugabe Must Go! is a concentrated political attack in the form of 87 succinct poems. Below are two pieces from that collection, Poem 23 and Poem 60.

Poem 23

You made us millionaires!
You made us billionaires!
You gave us 10,000,000%
We were the sorriest,
Of millionaires
And billionaires

Poem 60

I shall let it grow
Like many weeds
With my hair
Till I succeed
To outlive the tyrant
Till I look down
In his dark grave
And sing a song
“So long Bob”
“So long”
Then I will shave,
To mark a new beginning.

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