IraNeda: Uncut Coverage from Iran

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More than a year and a half after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disputed reelection in June 2009, 27 Iranian journalists are still being held in prison and around 100 of them have been forced to flee abroad.

Fifteen leading members of the Iranian diaspora, including several journalists, have joined forces to create the participative satellite TV station IraNeda in order to combat news censorship. Sponsored by Reporters without Borders, the station plans to share its content online as well as by satellite.

Mehdi Jami, one of the project’s co-founders and the editor of IraNeda’s website, was interviewed about the origin of the project and the desire of Iranian content creators to offer both their compatriots and the international community a source of independent and non-partisan news and information.

Read the interview here

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