Almost Europe
Belarus is called the "geographical center of Europe" by its dictator-president. It's true only if you situate the eastern border of Europe in the Ural Mountains, deep in Russia. I rather doubt we are the center of our continent - but we still could be its good border. Now we just need the simplest thing ever - to build a sustainable, democratic Western-style country after 70 years of Soviet occupation and 20 years under authoritarian regime. Piece of cake. But some of us still believe – it's always darkest before the dawn.
Michał Janczuk is a reporter for the independent television station Belsat. In the seven years since Belsat was founded, secret police have raided it four times, destroying their infrastructure inside the country. Janczuk has been denied journalistic accreditation, and is forced to work within Belarus illegally. In 2012, he and a fellow journalist were barred from exiting Belarus. Now able to come and go from his country freely, he still faces the threat of being charged with “unlawful production and dissemination of information